How to

There are a few things that are different with this version of the boards software for the average user. I've laid out most of the significant changes to make it easier for you to navigate your way. Part of that was adding images to many of the descriptions to make it easier to understand. You can see a larger version of the pics by clicking on them. If you don't understand something let me know. Randy

1. One of the first thing you will notice is there is no log in on the index page. Well, actually there is. YOU NEED TO USE the login in the upper right hand corner of the page. The reason for that is I added a quick login.

What that means is, instead of being sent to a login page, a pop up will show up for you to log in. After the login is done the pop up will go away and you can continue with what ever you want to do.

The benefit to this extension is that if you are in the middle of a topic and decide to login you can do that and you won't lose your place.


2. The log out is in the same place but is under your user name. You also have access to your User Control Panel and Profile there.


3. One of the new features is a notification alert. It's located next to Private messages. You have control over what if any notifications you get. You can also have the board email you when you get a new notification. If you click where it says Notifications you will see any notifications that you have. The notifications will stay there for two days AFTER they are read, then will be automatically removed.

There is an option there to change the settings for all your notifications. Click the link (settings) on the right side and you'll see the image below. I don't know why they have a setting for private messages when it's right next door but I unchecked that option. EACH PERSON will have to set their notification settings to their desires. PLEASE NOTE: At the moment the software is set up that if you want to get an email for PM's it automatically sets a notification for it too. The folks that write the software are working on a fix for that.


4. Set the time zone that the board uses to display everything by going to your User Control Panel - Board preferences tab. In my case being on the west coast of the U.S. I chose UTC -07.00 then chose America / Los Angeles. That way the board knows to change the time for DST. If I were in Phoenix AZ I would also choose -07:00 but then choose Phoenix, AZ so the board knows not to change for DST.

This is also where you can increase the size of the board text by about 20%.


5. When you go to a forum, like Out in the Cosmos and click on a topic you will notice a wrench icon in the upper left of the first post and the lower left just below the last post. That is where you have the option to Subscribe, bookmark, email and print a topic. The board is set up so the profiles are on the left of topics. You have the choice to change that so it will be on the right by clicking "post profile right".


6. If you hover over a topic title you will get a preview of what is in the first post of the topic.

7. We can now quick edit our posts. What that means is when you click to edit your post, instead of going to a new page the editor comes up in the page you're on. You do your edit,click submit, and you're back on the page no big deal. It is not a FULL editor but you have a button that will allow you to go to the full editor if you need to.

8. You will notice when you go to post a topic or reply to a topic that there are a few new buttons. You can play with them and explore what they do. Mostly fun.

Here is a brief explanation of the new buttons:

Font Menu: Allows you to change the font of the text.

Highlight: Just as suggested. Pay attn

Glow: Changes the text for a little style.

Align Text: left, center and right.

Float: If you add a pic as an attachment in a post with a bunch of text you can add your attachment between the float tags and it will move the pics to left or right and flow the text around it.

Marquee: Makes text flow across the screen. If doing a smilie like the example be sure to put a space before and after the smilie code. IF you preview the post OR edit the post you will need to go back and add the spaces or it won't work. :lol:
Strikethrough: Let people know your original intent and that it changed. like this

Text Direction: Allows you to reverse text. like this

Tables: This option allows you to add text in a table structure so it's easy to read. Look at this post to see examples of some tables and how to use this option.

Videos - As of 20 Sept 15 we embed videos a little differently. All you need to do is put the FULL URL of the video where you want it in your post. The software that handles the embedding can do it for 106 sites. To see the correct format and what sites are ok click here.

You can share twitter status posts this way too. To embed a tweet go to their acct and click on the specific tweet, copy the full URL shown and put it in your post. The URL should look something like this:

Smilies - The area that smilies are displayed on the posting form has changed. It is now a scrolling box which should make it easier for you to find your favorites. Some smilies were not put into the active scrolling box. You can find them by scrolling to the bottom of the box. There you will find the familiar more smilies link. They will be on the last few pages (6,7,8) on the pop up.

Personalized Smilie Signs: This option allows you to personalize a sign holding smilie. There are around 110 different smilies to choose from. Click on the smilie guy and the "normal" smilies will be replaced with a list of smilies that you can choose for your sign. Click on the one you want, then add your message for the sign. To see the normal smilies again just click on the smilie guy again.

Insert URL's: This isn't a new button but a change to how it works. Now if you want to add a url and have it show text rather than the link just click the URL button. A pop up window will show up like you see in the pic below. It gives a place for the link and another for the text. If you put a url in w/o the text in the second box it will show the whole thing.

If you just add link by putting it in where you want it the software shortens them automatically. So you have three options. A full URL, A URL that shows as text and a URL that is abbreviated.


9. We have decided to allow uploading images.

You will find the option to do that in the Attachments tab at the bottom of the post a new topic or post a reply options. After you have uploaded your image(s) click where you want the pic to be in your post then click the place inline button. You will need to do that for every pic you upload.

The max dimensions for pics are 1024px x 1024px with a max file size of 300kb

The file types that can be uploaded are .jpg, .gif, .png and .jpeg (a variation of jpg)

IF your image is larger than 300px a thumbnail image will be created. People can click on the pic to see the larger image.

10. Came across this at It's a user guide. Thought it might be helpful for those that wonder how to change personal settings on the board.